Designed to decrease installation time, the SmartPower™ System is a modular approach that can be readily expanded.

Designed to decrease installation time, SmartPower™ AC is a modular approach that can be readily expanded.

A typical residential solar power installation requires 6 installers almost an entire day to install. The SmartPower™ system was designed to reduce installation time up to 50% depending on the system complexity. Making it possible for a team of 3 to complete two installs in a day which can cut down on system costs in a significant way.

SmartPower™ AC accomplishes this through innovative design that allows the entirety of the system to be on the roof; nothing in the garage. The only thing coming off the roof is the cable to the power distribution panel. That remains true even when SmartPower™ Battery is integrated into the system. Everything is on the roof, not the garage taking up space.

The heart of the SmartPower™ system, the SmartPower™ Converter is an AC-link microinverter, combining all the latest technology including:

· MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) that makes optimal use of the available power output of the solar panel.

· Grid Forming features that allow multiple SmartPower™ Converters to automatically and seamlessly form its own microgrid.

· Grid Firming technologies monitor and compensate for potential intermittency such as sudden sags or surges in the grid therefore virtually eliminating the effect to the home.

· Integrated BMS (Battery Management System) not only charges and discharges attached battery storage but monitors the health and state of charge of the battery, then adjusts to maximize battery life.

· Multi-Port converter technology that creates its own rapid shutdown (RSD) in the event of power failures that require first responder access to facilities